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The Headliner Newsletter: January - July 2018 Issue 15

Khoisan Gourmet FMCG approach gets strategic revamp

Well into the first half of 2018 as a new division of Libstar Holdings (Pty) Ltd, we at Khoisan Gourmet are improving our strategic route in the fast-moving consumer goods market. “We are placing more emphasis on growing market share in the branded, private label and contract packaging sectors of the Rooibos, Honeybush and other eclectic food ingredients under the experienced guidance of Libstar Holdings," says Tobias Gress, Director Khoisan Gourmet. "We are well known and trusted in the global Rooibos industry already and our bulk supply continues to dominate a few markets while growing in others. Going forward, there are many opportunities to grow our pre-packaged options.                                   

Ranked as the fifth largest food producer in South Africa, Libstar Holdings listed on the  Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) in May this year. Libstar currently oversees nearly 30 business units, 35 production facilities and over 200 production and packing lines in South Africa. 

Gress says, "Interesting and consumer friendly items like Rooibos micro powder as a superfood, compostable hot beverage capsules and even select organic spices and a few bakery powders are available. Food importers and distributors across the world will be able to gain more supermarket shelf space with our pre-packaged brands, Khoisan Tea brand (for organic ranges) and KeNako brand (for non-organic but natural ranges). We are not just Rooibos anymore.” 

Speak to our international sales team about product specifics.

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Product safety upgrades in progress

In addition to other international certifications, Khoisan Gourmet aims to be

FSSC 22000 accredited by the end of 2019 

FSSC 22000 is a robust ISO-based internationally accepted certification scheme for auditing and certification of food safety within the food and beverage manufacturing sector. Watch this space as our product ranges and certifications grow simultaneously.

Rooibos micro powder is a new superfood & ours is easy to get at retail level

We supply Rooibos micro powder in bulk 20kg bags and/or retail-ready 30g tins for distributors and their end consumers.

“As the western world is becoming more aware of Japanese Green Matcha Tea and its many health benefits, we foresee that interest in Rooibos micro powder and Green Rooibos micro powder is also blooming. Rooibos micro powder can be used in a variety of applications in health foods, health shakes & smoothies and beauty products. Precision milled, it is the highest option of antioxidants that Rooibos has to offer. It’s easy to enjoy hot or cold or directly in any food or beverage,” says Charl Rudman, International Sales Manager & our Khoisan expert on the product.

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Honeybush cultivation ensures sustainability

Honeybush (Cyclopia), a herbal tisane indigenous to South Africa, continues to gain popularity. Over the last six years, total production has doubled from 200 tons to an estimated 300 - 400 tons to date.

Called the sister ‘tea’ to Rooibos, Honeybush used to be wild harvest only. With changes in weather patterns and increasing demand, however, cultivation is now necessary to ensure sustainability. This is good news for the industry as we move towards a supply that offers improved quality and productivity as well as consistency.

Of the 23 Honeybush species, only six are commercially usable and four species dominate.

Protected species: Cyclopia intermedia:  the original Honeybush species, it is difficult to propagate. Approximately 95% of it is wild harvest product.

Protected species: Cyclopia subternata: faster growth, has a good balance of 50% cultivated and 50% wild harvest bushes available.

Cyclopia genistoides: it is cultivated and wildly harvested with an estimated 100 hectares currently in plantation.

 Cyclopia longifolio: very similar to Cyclopia intermedia, it grows easily with an estimated 300 hectares thriving under cultivation at this time.

Despite a few challenges, the future looks promising for commercially-grown Honeybush. Ask us about our bulk supply and possible pre-packaged private label option.    

Khoisan compostable capsules for the conscientious espresso consumer

Coffee capsules have taken the world by storm due to their immense popularity. George Clooney helped convert millions of filter coffee drinkers to capsule captives. Unfortunately, the environmental aspect of aluminium capsules has been quite negative and empty flat capsules are mostly ending up in landfills instead of in recycling plants.

Our coffee and Rooibos capsules can help change this. Ours are 100% home compostable and biodegradable in soil within ten months! We have taken it one step further in that our capsule lids and pouches are cellulose based and also compostable. If your shoppers seek capsules with the environment in mind, speak to us. We have a range of three organic coffees and three organic Rooibos capsules in attractive African-themed packaging. 

Look for our green compostable sticker on each unit. Ask us about our current specials for the full range. 

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Upcoming Food & Beverage Expos

We will exhibit ... visit our booths.  

Ingredients Food Show (IFT18) USA 

Chicago 16-18 July 2018 - Booth S3927

Charl Rudman & Tobias Gress welcome you.


Fine Food Australia

Melbourne 10-13 September 2018 - Booth HS37

Speak to our Tarin Cameron (pictured above) on site. 


HI & NI Europe

(Health Ingredients & Natural Ingredients Europe) 

Frankfurt  27-29 November 2018   

Meet up with Charl Rudman to discuss Rooibos Micro Powder (Matcha).

Meet our new sales team for Africa and e-commerce trade

Elena Turnbull and Megan Neale recently joined us to extend our sales into the African continent and to gain more ground on the global e-commerce platform. Elena will oversee sales in sub-Sahara specifically, with Megan being the main contact for South African on-line sales channels and international e-commerce. 

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Contact: Elena Turnbull on 

Contact: Megan Neale on