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The Headliner Newsletter: August - December 2017 Issue 14

Khoisan Tea (Pty) Ltd to become Khoisan Gourmet (Pty) Ltd in 2018

New majority shareholder contributes corporate expertise

New majority shareholder Libstar is joining our Khoisan team. Libstar, established in 2005, is an investment holding company operating in the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry. Headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, Libstar has annualised net revenues in excess of R7bn (ZAR/South African Rand). 

The group consists of several successful, established companies in South Africa, with Khoisan Tea being its latest addition.

“What this means,” says Peter Schülke, CEO of Khoisan Tea, “is more possibilities for existing and new clients of ours to expand not only their Rooibos, Honeybush and Bourbon Vanilla capacities but to consider our additional gourmet ranges. We are moving towards providing more organic gourmet ingredients for the international retail market.” 

10 winning reasons to choose us

Khoisan Gourmet will

• continue to grow, harvest and export our organic Rooibos, as we have reliably done since 1997

• continue to supply organic Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar

• make use of Libstar’s vast experience in the FMCG market

• offer organic and non-GMO food products across a wider spectrum  

• source locally first, internationally second for authentic organic-certified ingredients

• continue to provide tasty ranges for end consumer appeal  

• offer a one-stop shop for various herbal teas, speciality teas and eclectic but familiar food ingredients

• offer private label options for larger retailers

• use glass instead of plastic, recyclable and compostable material where possible for environmental reasons

• source new product ideas in line with client needs 

We look forward to our transition from Khoisan Tea to Khoisan Gourmet

When hot beverage capsules 'go good'

Year-end promotion on now!

Our Organic Rooibos & Organic Coffee capsules made entirely of raw materials which biodegrade in soil and even marine waters at ambient temperatures within ten months are currently on special until end of this year.  

 “Our beverage capsules compost quite quickly when compared to other capsules. So, in addition to enjoying a tasty cup of Rooibos Espresso or a Café Latte, the product itself is environmentally friendly,” says Tarin Cameron, International Sales for Australia and South Africa. “We welcome South African, Namibian and Australian distributors and more to add our capsule ranges to their product lines this year still.”

Ask us about our promotional input for these capsules. 

A real treat for Rooibos connoisseurs. A rewarding experience for coffee connoisseurs. Compatible with most Nespresso™ machines.

Let us help you get creative & boost your Rooibos retail sales in 2018

 ...from our fields to your table 

Trending Rooibos flavour profiles …

• Need a Rooibos and Black Tea retail range for your country’s supermarkets?

We have it. KeNako is our newest most flexible brand, in a variety of natural flavours like Berry Delight and Sweetie Pie. Available with limited Spanish, Arabic and Japanese text on an English retail unit, this Rooibos range is specifically targeted for the price-conscious end consumer in any country.

Speak to us about your distribution needs. We offer 40g tagless teabag retail boxes and 80g loose Rooibos self-standing, resealable bags. Check out our colourful, eye-catching packaging. Fun. Easy. Flexible. KeNako.  

On our gourmet agenda

Try our cold-milled, finely ground Rooibos Powder ….available as a  ‘red’ or ‘green’ super food 

Rooibos Fine Powder (aka Rooibos 'Matcha') adds an array of important nutrients and phyto-constituents to any food or beverage. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, chlorophyll and multiple antioxidant compounds are abundant within it. Rooibos Fine Powder has antibacterial and antiviral properties, makes for a nice alternative to artificial food colours as it can be a natural food colour (red or green) enhancer, and adds a tasty flair to just about any dish. 

“Excellent in appetizers, entrees, pastries, cookies, cakes, frozen yogurt, ice cream, fruity smoothies, seasonings, health shakes, energy bars, alcoholic beverages, beauty skin care products, soaps ….and  more,” says Charl Rudman, International Sales Manager at Khoisan Gourmet. Visual is courtesy ClipArt. 

Hip specialty food ideas …

• Want to launch an organic spice powders range for distributors?

We have it: Organic Cardamom, Organic Whole Star Anise, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Ginger and Organic Liquorice powders are all supplied in attractive 30g-50g glass jars.

• Want to appeal to the ultimate chef in the catering trade?

We have a fruit powder range which includes Organic Lingonberry and Organic Blueberry powders that add flair to any dish. Also supplied in attractive 20g and 30g glass jars.

• Want to offer a cocktail range to leading liquor shops in your region?

We have an EU organic extracts range that will work well in any cocktail on the planet: Organic Ginger, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Liquorice and Organic Bourbon Vanilla extracts are all available in exquisite 50ml bottles. Your bartender clientele can make delicious drinks as the photo below depicts. Photo is courtesy Purple Slate/The Ultimate Cocktail Party Guide Ever.

As we all gear for the important final quarter of 2017 from our head office in Cape Town, South Africa, we wish to thank you for your valued support this year.

To all our clients, we wish you continued good sales and happiness. May our good business relationships continue in 2018.